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22 / 04 / 2016
Emporio Music Fest at 14/04/2016
Emporio Music Fest at 14/04/2016

Last Thursday Zhivitsa appeared in the Emporio Music Fest. The band performed perfectly two original songs: a metal smash-hit «Oh-eh-rah» and a dance song «Belilitsy» as well as famous Russian song «Nezhnost’» which was represented in indie style with some features of minimalism. 
A priori indifference of audience which was set on a smooth soul music turned into ovation just after a minute of sounding. And the audience sang «Belilitsy» along with the band. With their set Zhivitsa raised the ante of the show and other artists who appeared later had to hold it.
Members of the juri as well as the founder of the fest Baigali Serkebaev valued a content, sound and a musical concept of Zhivitsa highly, and wished the band success in work and showbiz. Also the juri specially mentioned originality of Zhivitsa’s music.
After their set the band was interviewed by «Muz-TV» which is a major musical TV-channel in Russia. In the interview Zhivitsa told about themselves, their future ideas etc.